Experience gained since 1993

Founded in 1993 we've become market leader in this branch. The ShopBox Group GmbH stands for reliable, fast, flexible and fair shopping trolley service.


Our owner run company employs 150 motivated and very well-trained members of staff, who carry the latest cleaning and disinfection technology. At our headquarter in Heilbronn we run a modern service station for shopping trolleys, a service base for maintenance and inspection.


The shopping trolley shelters are manufatured customised by skilled workers at our plant in Heilbronn.


Our partnership with Rocateq, the experts of theft prevention of shopping trolleys, makes us your sole partner around the shopping trolley.


We offer service for all brands and types of shopping and transport trolleys.


Cleaning of parking areas (including the remowal of chewing gums and oil stains), cleaning of clean run zones in entrance areas, cleaning automatic deposit return machines as well as baking tray cleaning for wholesale bakeries complete our range of services.



By the way:

Did you know that the shopping trolley is the number one place for everyday bacteria? Consumer protectors wanted to find out precisely and inspected 120 items, which we touch frequently in everyday life. The shopping trolley was number one on the scale of bacteria. We disinfect and clean professionally on-the-spot. At the same time all impurities on the castors (like hair, laces, plastic sheets etc.) are removed, of course.