Non-contact disinfection

The colour, inscription and construction of our Hygistation can be tailored to your individual requirements. It's the perfect solution when no water is available. The disinfecting foam complies with DIN EN 1500, and being free from scent and colourants, it's gentle on your skin. The sealed bottle with integrated dosing pump prevents the transmission of harmful germs that are invisible to the naked eye, and is extremely economical. A full bottle contains 2,400 foam portions, and a battery pack lasts up to two years, or 90,000 foam portions. Just place your hand or a paper towel under the sensor-controlled dispenser and the right amount will be issued. Simply wipe the shopping trolley handle or other surfaces with the foam, rub it into your hands, and all is clean.

The Hygistation Maxi

Fully equipped with contactless disinfectant dispenser, interior unwinding paper towel dispenserwith 120 metres (600 sheets) of paper towel roll, visually adapted waste bin with 18 litre volume. Optionally with lid for the waste bin, on request with flyer-holder on the sides with adhesive film that can be designed to the customer's specification. The Hygistation can of course be powder-coated in virtually any RAL colors.

The Hygistation Mini

Where there isn't enough space for the Hygistation Maxi, the Hygistation Mini is the perfect alternative.

With no paper towel dispenser or waste bin, it takes up less space, and scores highly with its compact and simple design. The large base plate ensures perfect stability.

The Hygistation Micro

The Hygistation Micro.is designed to fit in the smallest of spaces, or to be placed on a table or counter. Here too, the large base plate ensures it sits securely.

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