General overhaul of shopping trolleys

We overhaul your shopping trolleys thoroughly. After the general overhaul your shopping trolley is difficult to distinquish optically from to a new model. 


Your advantage: you can save ready cash and you improve the environment at the same time on a large scale!


After disassembling plastic parts, handles and steering roles, bent wires and frames are straightened and re-welded.


Afterwards the paint, rust and zinc coat are removed. New zinc is electroplated to the now raw material. By the following chrome plating the shopping trolley regains a new gloss. To maintain this long-term, a clear polymer varnish is applied as a final coat.


As a matter of course, all galvanic processes are performed considering the newest environmentally friendly procedures.


Now the cleaned or replaced handles, deposit locks, child seats, steering roles and the anti-theft-device etc. are attached and the once untidy shopping trolley is now ready for use for many more years.

This recycling process can be repeated a number of times and therefore saves valuable resources and the environment to a significant extent.


Several hundred aged shopping trolleys from all over Europe leave our factory daily, looking as good as new.