Electric shopping cart Mart Cart

The magic word is „customer loyalty“. If your business is adjusted optimally to people with physical disabilities and families with children, you will achieve more customer satisfaction, a positive profile, more loyal customers and last but not least more turnovers.


You'd like a high degree of customer satisfaction and even better turnovers? With products of the ShopBox Group you can offer your customers exactly the auxiliary tools they can do the shopping longer and more convenient with. The electric shopping cart „Mart Cart“ is one of those tools.


The continually growing and strong buying group of senior citizens often avoids large shopping centres and  department stores. They quickly get tired and often have physical restrictions – but with the right aids large shopping centres become attractive again for this customer group.


Furthermore we've got wheelchairs with attached shopping baskets and supports for walking aids in our product range. Care Chair allows your customers not only a longer stay at the PoS but also a larger purchase. Care  Chair ist theft-proof. This model can be delievered with either a deposit lock or a plug-in cards lock.



All advantages of the Mart Cart summarized and listed below:

  • Alleviates access to shopping centres and makes shopping easier for all those who distances constitute an obstacle.
  • Helps to make shopping processes in larger selling spaces a lot more efficient.
  • This makes shopping very suitable for people with limited mobility, now they are able to buy everything – more convenient and faster and they only have to park once.
  • Mart Carts can be purchased or leased.
  • Leasing includes all-round insurance coverage and maintenance contract.
  • Increases turnover and profit.
  • Strenghtens your profile and provides media response