Shopping trolley general refurbishment

After removing the plastic part, handles and castors, deformed wires and frames are straightened, and re-welded if necessary. Then comes paint removal, rust removal and removal of the old zinc coating. A new galvanised zinc coating is then applied to the bare material. A final chrome plating gives the shopping trolley its new shine. To keep it this way for as long as possible, a final clear polymer coat is


Our experienced partners of course carry out all the galvanising processes using the latest environmentally-friendly techniques. We then fit cleaned and refurbished or new handles, deposit systems, child seats, castors, etc. and your once unsightly/broken shopping trolley is as good as new and ready to use for many years to come. This recycling process can be repeated multiple times, and so saves valuable resources, and to a large extent the environment. Several thousand generally refurbished shopping trolleys from all over Europe leave our facilities in this way every year.

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